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Austan Goolsbee

Chairman, President's Council of Economic Advisers (2010-2011) and Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

As debt, the deficit and reigniting the global economic engine dominate conversations around the world, Austan Goolsbee—who served as one of President Obama's key economic advisers—delivers a thoughtful look at where the economy is heading and what solutions are necessary to keep businesses competitive.


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  • The Slowdown of Productivity Growth

  • Stop Adding ‘Right Now’ – That’s Crisis Thinking

  • Why Is Silicon Valley in California?

  • Why Hasn’t the Recovery Been Faster?

  • What is Washington Doing to Alleviate Economic Problems?

  • Stumbling Home: The Promise and Pitfalls of Recovery in the US and the World

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    Why does the global economic recovery seem to be taking one step forward and a half step back and not coming back more quickly? Austan Goolsbee, former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers of the United States draws on his recent policy experience to examine the problems and the opportunities that lie ahead for the U.S. economy, global growth and the ways the dysfunction of policy makers has complicated the road back.  Providing a candid and holistic analysis, Goolsbee notes the factors likely to determine the strength and duration of the recovery, and how those key indicators at home—exports, innovation, housing, business capital spending, energy prices and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy— and abroad—the Eurozone debt crisis, currency wars and uncertainty in emerging markets—will impact growth and the prospects for sustained recovery.


  • The Economic and Political Realities Facing the President and Congress

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    With jobs, taxes, deficits and spending dominating the headlines, it is clear that political and economic issues are now more intertwined than at any time in recent history. A renowned economist who has extensive experience working in and around politics—most notably as Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers,  Austan Goolsbee understands both the economic and political realities that face both the President and Congress.  An analyst for ABC News and sought-after by the media for his views on the politics of economics and his clear style, Goolsbee thoughtfully examines the industries, groups and geographies that will be doing better or worse in 2017 and beyond—and what this means for future elections and policy outcomes for the President, the Senate and the House. Taxes, trade, regulatory, financial and energy policies are all at stake and Goolsbee shows just what this means for America moving forward.


  • Economic Innovation: Keeping Corporations Competitive in the 21st Century

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    Austan Goolsbee analyzes the key economic challenges facing the U.S. and the importance of innovative solutions that will keep businesses competitive. As the nation looks to increase growth on the long term, continuing uncertainty over economic policy remains a critical issue at the forefront of corporate executives’ minds. Addressing the fiscal challenges that lie ahead for America, he explores how focusing on spurring investment and innovation and improving U.S. exports will have long-term positive impact—while a failure to act risks a lasting period of painful economic stagnation. Commenting on key challenges including attracting top talent, protecting innovation in a global marketplace, as well as macroeconomic factors like lingering high unemployment, the burdens of regulation and the increasing federal deficit, he analyzes the nation's economic health and disseminates complex economic policy with his insightful humor. Austan Goolsbee will help you decide how the policy decisions in Washington influence the middle-class, the competitiveness of various industries and how it will impact you and your company.