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Stephen Hayes

Editor-in-Chief, The Weekly Standard; FOX News Contributor and Best-Selling Author

Widely regarded as one of the top political journalists in the U.S., The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes shares an up-to-the-minute view of the domestic and global political scene.


  • Polarization and the Current Paradox in Domestic Politics

  • First and Only Appearance on The McLaughlin Group

  • The State of the Media: "Fake" News and the Role of Journalists

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    The relationship between the White House and the news media has always been complex, and in recent years it has come under increased scrutiny. With the political divide muddying the waters and the public’s trust in the mainstream press diminishing, what responsibility does the media have and what can they do to reestablish credibility? As a veteran reporter who has spent his career covering government and politics from the inside, Stephen Hayes understands the powerful role the media plays in a democracy, and shares his trenchant analysis of how journalists can navigate a contentious relationship with an adversarial administration and a skeptical public.


  • Inside Politics: What to Watch for Under the Trump Administration

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    With 2016’s populist surge resulting in a "change" election, what should organizations expect under the Trump Administration moving forward? Should the Democrats gain control of Congress in 2018, what will be the ramifications of a divided government? What does the future hold for the Republican and Democratic parties? Stephen Hayes answers these questions and more with the detailed knowledge of a political scientist and the on-the-trail experience of a veteran campaign reporter. His presentation provides an up-to-the-minute report on the issues and players of the political system, offering powerful analysis of the Trump Administration’s policies and how Congress and the electorate are adjusting to an unconventional president in the White House.


  • National Security in the Trump Era

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    The national security landscape has shifted dramatically, and a populist surge both in the U.S. and globally has affected the nature of international alliances. What is the legacy of the Obama Administration's "smart diplomacy” in a time when ISIS surged and the Arab spring roiled a troubled region? With old adversaries presenting new complications and terrorist attacks continuing to affect Europe and the Middle East, what can we expect from the Trump Administration, and what new challenges lie ahead? With the keen eye of a reporter who has filed stories from Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and numerous European capitals, Stephen Hayes brings knowledge and experience to his presentation on international affairs and U.S. national security.



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