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Mark King

Radical Leader, Innovation Champion, Culture Advocate, Provocateur Executive Emeritus, adidas

Inspiring, dynamic, optimistic and personable, Mark King shares stories of leading change, transforming cultures, and competing in today’s world to make extraordinary happen.


  • Lessons in Leadership: How to Compete in Business Today

  • Do You Really Understand Your Customer?

  • Unleashing the Potential of People

  • Why Do CEOs and Organizations Fail?

  • Create an Environment that Allows Creativity

  • Change the Rules of the Game

  • Lessons in Leadership: Competing with Creativity

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    Many people in business today are thrown into leadership positions with very little training. Companies and workforces are more complex than ever before, merging Baby Boomers with Millennials and telecommuters with flexible work spaces. Environments and marketplaces are changing rapidly and competition is fierce. Companies cannot afford to have processes or bureaucracy blocking their path to greatness and must create a free-thinking environment to inspire people to compete. Mark shares with his audiences how to inspire a workforce of creativity and confidence to grow at a rapid pace and create things consumers won’t believe is possible. He talks about coming to work with big dreams and driving vision and energy so your people can create things the world has never seen before.

    Key Ideas:

    • Understand the effect your leadership can have.
    • Pick something you can win at. Set outrageous goals.
    • Distribute leadership and encourage shared ownership of your company’s future.
    • Set out on a journey of challenging the status quo and allow success to happen.
    • People who achieve success have one thing in common: confidence.
    • Instill the belief that everyone can make a difference.



  • Rewriting the Playbook: You Create the Future

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    The secret to the future isn’t doing what you’ve done in the past better. The secret is creating new and different things the world has never seen before. If you want to continue to play by the rules of the marketplace or play by the rules of the industry nothing much is going to change. You can get incrementally better. You can get tighter focused. You can execute better. But if you want to do something extraordinary, you have to rewrite the playbook. Growth is not predicated by market conditions, competitors or customers. You are responsible for your own growth and changing the trajectory of your company and industry. Growth is a mindset which, once instilled into the bloodstream of an organization, is infectious beyond belief. Mark tells his story of transforming the adidas culture in America to create a new kind of energy and enthusiasm for a 60+ year-old brand. Recognizing people as thinkers and not just doers allowed a complete transformation of a well-established corporate culture. Mark talks about competing in today’s world where consumers look forward, not backwards and how – to constantly reinvent yourself – you must engage your people.

    Key Ideas:

    • Change the rules of the game.
    • Set goals and challenge people to drive the “how.” The results will astound you.
    • Extraordinary people prepare for opportunities they don’t even know exist.
    • Drive constant idea generation and don’t wait for perfection.
    • Experiment! Be courageous.
    • Mindset is everything: believe you can and you can.
    • Create an environment of open-thinking


  • Market Conditions Don't Determine Growth… You Do!

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    In any flat market there are companies that shrink and those who grow. As everyone knows during such times there is only one way to grow: Take market share from your competitors. This is precisely what TaylorMade did under Mark King’s leadership. From 2000 to present day, golf has been a no-growth market. During that time TaylorMade quadrupled its size from 300 million to 1.2 billion dollars and continues to show solid growth. One of Mark’s core beliefs centers around the concept of growth as a cultural mindset that must be infused into the bloodstream of the organization at every level. It is the leader’s responsibility to establish this and be a tireless promoter of it.

    Key Ideas:

    • Vision and strategy are meaningless without a fully engaged staff
    • Set goals and challenge people to drive the “How.” The results will astound you
    • Create an environment where people have a sense of belonging
    • Creating energy and changing minds ultimately drives sustainable results
    • Change the rules of the game



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