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Best-Selling Author, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, Drive, and A Whole New Mind

One of the world’s leading business minds, Daniel Pink’s forward-thinking ideas and blockbuster books are reshaping how organizations approach innovation, motivation, timing and talent.



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  • Composition, Coordination, and Compassion

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  • Problem Solving vs. Problem Finding

  • TEDGlobal: The Puzzle of Motivation

  • The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

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    We all know that timing is everything. Trouble is, we don’t know much about timing itself. Our business and professional lives present a never-ending stream of “when” decisions. But we make them based on intuition and guesswork. Timing, we believe, is an art. 

    In this provocative and entertaining presentation, multiple New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink will show that timing is a really a science – one we can use to make smarter decisions, enhance our productivity, and boost the performance of our organizations.

    Drawing on a rich trove of research from dozens of fields, Pink will show:

    • How the hidden pattern of the day affects our analytic and creative capabilities – and how simple work rearrangements can improve our effectiveness,
    • Why breaks are more important than we realize and what the emerging science reveals about the kinds of breaks that are most restorative for the modern workplace,
    • Why reaching the midpoint of a project sometimes drags us down and other times fires us up – and how to tell the difference,
    • The four ways that endings shape our behavior and how to use endings to spark motivation, improve customer experiences, and deepen a sense of meaning and purpose in the workplace,
    • How groups synchronize in time – and how leaders can use the three rules of “synching fast and slow” to turbocharge team performance.

    Deeply researched, packed with takeaways, and tailored to each audience, Pink’s presentation will leave you looking at your work, your organization, maybe even your life in fresh and invigorating ways.


  • Leadership and the New Principles of Influence

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    Leaders at every level today confront two stark realities. First, in these fiercely competitive and endlessly turbulent times, they must do more with less. Second, the old-school management techniques we’ve long relied on to produce results frequently fail. Enter Daniel Pink, best-selling author of Drive and To Sell Is Human, with a fresh approach.

    Drawing on a rich trove of social science and cutting-edge practices from organizations around the world, Pink will demonstrate the new ways leaders are persuading, influencing, and motivating others. He will show the power of underused techniques such as perspective-taking, problem-finding, and using purpose as a motivator – and offer concrete steps to put these ideas into action.

    In this entertaining and provocative presentation, you will learn:

    • Why changing people’s minds often matters less than giving them an “off-ramp” to act;
    • Why the most persuasive leaders aren’t introverts or extraverts, but “ambiverts”; 
    • 3 rules for taking the perspective of those you lead;
    • How the principles of improvisational theater can help you overcome resistance;
    • 5 ways to frame your message for maximum influence.


  • To Sell Is Human: The New ABCs of Moving Others

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    “A-B-C,” Alec Baldwin tells a group of salesmen in the classic movie Glengarry Glen Ross. “A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing.” But best-selling author Daniel Pink says this steamroller approach has become a relic, because sales has changed more in the last 10 years than it did in the previous 100. Today, when buyers have just as much information as sellers—along with ample choices and the means to talk back—the rules have changed.

    In his entertaining and provocative presentation, Pink—author of To Sell Is Human and one of the top business thinkers in the world—will draw on cutting-edge social science and best practices from organizations around the world to reveal the new A, B, Cs of selling. A-Attunement (taking another perspective). B-Buoyancy (staying afloat in an ocean of rejection). C-Clarity (identifying hidden problems and making sense of murky situations).

    Pink will show you:

    • Why caveat emptor (buyer beware) is giving way to caveat venditor (seller beware); 
    • Five ways to frame messages to increase clarity and lead to action;
    • Why problem  finding has become more important than problem solving;
    • Why questioning your abilities before a sales call is more effective than pumping yourself up;
    • Why the most effective salespeople are not extroverts; 
    • Two principles that can move your sales from transactions to transcendence.


  • Leadership, Innovation, and the Surprising Truth of Human Motivation

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    Leadership, Innovation, and the Surprising Truth of Human Motivation What motivates people to do their best work? The question is central to leadership, strategy, and innovation.  And in this  presentation, Daniel Pink, author of the million-copy international bestseller Drive, offers the answer.

    Tapping 50 years of research in behavioral science, Pink shows why many traditional rewards fall short of their promise and sometimes even backfire. Then, marshaling the evidence, he reveals a more effective motivational operating system. This new system, which has been embraced by smart organizations around the world, promotes enduring motivation through autonomy, mastery, and purpose — the  fundamentally human desires to direct own lives, to make progress in work that matters, and to contribute to a team.

    In this powerful and practical presentation, you will learn:

    • When bonuses are effective and when they fall flat;
    • Why money matters to employee motivation, but not the way you probably think;
    •  Why the secret to employee engagement is *less* management;
    • How cutting-edge organizations are promoting innovation with ShipIt Days, genius hours, and other surprising work practices;
    • How to replace formal performance reviews with smarter, faster, and better forms of feedback;
    • How to enlist the two types of purpose that science shows can dramatically boost performance.



  • When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

    New York Times Bestseller

  • To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

    New York Times Bestseller

  • Daniel Pink, Washington Speakers Bureau

    New York Times Bestseller

  • Daniel Pink, Washington Speakers Bureau

    New York Times Bestseller

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