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Sugar Ray Leonard

Boxing Legend, Successful Entrepreneur and Author, The Big Fight: My Life In and Out of the Ring

An Olympic athlete and world champion boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard shows us how to set our fears of the unknown aside with preparation, focus, discipline, determination and attitude.


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  • Dreams Are the Vehicle to Your Future

  • If You Don't Believe in Yourself No One Else Will

  • What Separates a Champion from a Contender?

  • Succeeding After Setbacks

  • The Power to Win!

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    Whether achieving greatness as an athlete or in the business arena—the same qualities that drive success apply: discipline, focus, determination, preparation, the right attitude and setting fear of the unknown aside. Sugar Ray Leonard makes a powerful case for his principles of success with a sense of humor and a smile that lights up the room. An enormously charismatic figure, Leonard walks the stage telling stories that paint strong pictures for his audience—stories of what it took to reach his dream of Olympic gold, of what it took to get to the top in his professional career—and stay there, and stories of his journey to make the challenging transition from life as an athlete to that of an entrepreneur. Making your dreams come true, staying at the top and dealing with change—all themes that people in every audience will relate to. Sugar Ray Leonard is a masterful speaker whose audiences come away with a renewed enthusiasm and commitment to being the best.


  • Fitness and Philanthropy

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    Sugar Ray Leonard has a passion to help fund research and awareness for diabetes and obesity prevention. In 2009, Leonard and his wife Bernadette started the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation to benefit this cause. The Leonard’s have always been devoted to the community and to helping those in need. In 2012, the Foundation was able to help develop and sustain Children's Hospital Los Angeles Kids N Fitness program, a community outreach program focused on reducing the rate of weight gain in overweight youth by promoting sustainable lifestyle changes that encourage healthier eating habits and more frequent physical activity. Leonard also participates in and speaks on a variety of national and international causes benefiting children's charities. He connects with audiences through the sport of boxing, fitness and philanthropy.


  • The Big Fight: My Life In and Out of the Ring

    New York Times Bestseller