Exclusively WSBJonathan Swan

Jonathan Swan

National Political Reporter, Axios

After a meteoric rise, Jonathan Swan has quickly become one of the most recognizable reporters covering American politics today. He spends his every waking minute talking to people who work in the Trump White House and collecting insider knowledge to share with his readers—and your audience.


  • Meet Jonathan Swan

  • Behind the Scenes in Trump's Washington

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    You’ve seen him on TV. You’ve read his breaking news. You’ve come to trust his byline. But you’ve never heard him quite like this: unfiltered and uncompromising. An award-winning journalist with incomparable access to the halls of power, Jonathan Swan takes you behind the scenes in the Trump White House and on Capitol Hill. He introduces you to the people behind his headlines and explains what you might expect next from one of the least predictable administrations in recent memory. You’ll walk away with an insider’s view of Washington today and exclusive insight into how it will shape America tomorrow.


  • Trump on Trade and the Economy

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    Jonathan Swan has broken story after story about President Trump's tax, trade, and economic agenda. Do you have questions about trade deals, regulatory overhauls, or economic intrigue? Swan has answers. From the Fed chairman sweepstakes to the behind-the-scenes NAFTA wranglings, Swan has unparalleled insight on how the White House makes the decisions that shape the economy –– and your industry. He will explain it all: accessibly, actionably, and exclusively. 


  • Experienced Moderator

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    Looking to have newsmakers and influencers from across the political spectrum share the stage at your event? Jonathan Swan will be the perfect addition to moderate your conversation –– and make it unforgettable. He has moderated panels for a host of organizations, using his ace interview skills to coax panelists into sharing their richest insights and juiciest stories.


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