Exclusively WSBJoanna Coles

Joanna Coles

Former Chief Content Officer, Hearst Magazines; Board of Directors, Snap Inc.; Executive Producer, The Bold Type

A powerhouse who revolutionized Cosmopolitan, one of the best-known women’s brands, The New York Times has called Joanna Coles “one of the most powerful people in media.”


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  • Out With the Old (Media): Business and Marketing in the Snapchat Era

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    With her signature sharp wit and humor, Joanna Coles shares anecdotes and expertise from a career spanning traditional media to the cutting-edge world of Snapchat, with topics including:  

    • The future of digital communications: where content trends are heading for marketing, public relations, advertising, and branding
    • The importance of authentic communication: how to use social marketing initiatives to form personal relationships with customers and stakeholders
    • The media landscape's rapid transformation: why the intersection of new and old media channels is more important than ever


  • Leadership Lessons: Innovating Across Multiple Industries

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    A fearless and savvy creative powerhouse who reached the pinnacle of her field when other media brands were struggling to adapt, Joanna Coles has met the myriad challenges facing businesses today. In this engaging and dynamic discussion, she reveals:

    • Leadership lessons from her tenures at the helm of at Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Hearst Magazines
    • The secrets to identifying new business opportunities and effectively executing new initiatives to drive revenue
    • Best practices for leading business development, cultivating innovation, and establishing cross-industry partnerships


  • Love Rules: Forming Meaningful Relationships in the Age of Apps

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    Are social media and dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge expanding our relationship possibilities, or hindering true connection? This is the question Joanna Coles poses in her new book, Love Rules: Getting the Relationship You Want. In this timely discussion, Coles explains:

    • How to treat your relationships in love, family, friendship, and work as seriously as you treat your resume, setting goals and benchmarks to achieve what you want
    • Why self-care is important and how to “be your own shrink” to address your emotional health in order to get the most out of your relationships
    • How to trust your gut and not waste “emotional calories” in situations that aren’t right—whether in the boardroom or the bedroom



  • Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World
  • The Bold Type

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