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Jerry Linenger

Astronaut and Hero

Jerry Linenger survived what has been described as "one of the most dangerous missions in space history"--an out-of control spacecraft tumbling through darkness, and on fire.  He encourages us to rise to the occasion, confront our challenges and put life into perspective.


  • TEDxUNC: Changing Perspective Off the Planet

  • Teamwork Overcoming the First Computer Failure

  • Crisis Management - Fire on Mir

  • Challenges and Change: My 132 Days Off the Planet

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    Jerry Linenger shares his amazing personal story based on his experiences aboard the Russian space station Mir. Painting pictures with words, Linenger puts you in the spacecraft with him. He recounts not only the events of the mission, but also candidly shares his feelings of frustration and fear along with the determination and courage he used to survive. Having overcome great odds to achieve success, he challenges the audience to embrace change, rise to the occasion, and confront challenges. He emphasizes the role of preparation to achieve mission goals. His message is genuine and spoken by someone who has put his own life on the line. Audiences will learn how to:

    • Tap into their inner strength and achieve more than they thought possible
    • Give freely: Personal sacrifice may be required for the greater good
    • Find the courage to overcome any obstacle
    • Discover greater meaning in their professional and personal lives



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