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Brian Grazer

Legendary Academy Award- and Emmy Award-Winning Producer; New York Times Best-Selling Author; Founder and Chairman, Imagine Entertainment

One of the most prolific and acclaimed producers of our time, Brian Grazer inspires audiences to unleash their curiosity by revealing the secrets of his extraordinary success behind some of Hollywood’s most famed movies and television shows, and importantly, how anyone can exercise their own curiosity to create a more fulfilling life and career.


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    Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer has always been curious. Having worked his way up from Warner Brothers’ law clerk to become one of Hollywood’s leading producers and creative visionaries, he reveals the secret to his success. From Nobel laureates and spies to adventurers and business leaders, Grazer inspires audiences as he shares what he learned through entertaining and insightful stories. He explores the attribute that he says can make anyone more successful, adventurous and connected—curiosity.

    Grazer shows how curiosity is a powerful management tool and explains how he uses questions as a way of gaining communal trust and creating extraordinary teams. A skilled storyteller known for his charisma, Grazer encourages and challenges audiences to embrace their creativity, disrupt their comfort zone and channel the power of curiosity to lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives.



  • A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life