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Ted Koppel

Legendary Anchor of ABC News' Nightline; Contributing Columnist, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal; Senior Contributor to the CBS Sunday Morning Show

One of the world’s most respected and acclaimed broadcast journalists, Ted Koppel provides audiences with in-depth analysis, commentary and perspective on the current events that shape our world every day.


  • Iran and Nuclear Weapons

  • Today's News - Content and Delivery

  • Nixon in China

  • Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath

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    Imagine a disastrous cyber catastrophe in which America’s infrastructure and power grid have been attacked; how would ordinary civilians survive? Based on his book, Lights Out, Ted Koppel will captivate your audience as he examines a strong, research-backed case for the tremendous likelihood of a devastating cyberattack on the United States, and explore issues surrounding the responsibility of our government. One of the most urgent, unique threats of our time, Koppel rings the alarm and addresses how shockingly unprepared the nation is to deal with the multitude of consequences that have the potential to arise.


  • Breaking News: A Look Around the Globe with Ted Koppel

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    Wherever there is news, there is Ted Koppel. With journalistic experience spanning more than ten wars, including serving as an embedded correspondent role with the U.S. Army in Iraq, Koppel has made a career of daring to go where other people won’t and uncovering the untold stories. In a presentation as fresh as today’s headlines, Koppel trains his keen intellect on the stories people are talking about—from unrest in North Africa and the Middle East to the emergence of China and India to America and a nation facing an uncertain financial future. We live in perilous times of rapid change and there is no more experienced guide than Ted Koppel to help us make sense of it all.


  • A Brave New World: The Future of Journalism

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    We live in difficult and dangerous times and new technologies have changed the face of journalism. Is that a good thing? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more experienced expert than Ted Koppel. A legend who has spent a career asking tough questions and breaking new ground, Koppel understands the past, present and future of journalism. While many embrace a news culture focused on celebrity and fluff, Koppel makes us take a hard look at the news business while arguing that integrity, vision and courage need to continue to be at the core of the news. Koppel provides insights into the evolution—and in some cases regression—of how we get our news. With humorous rapport and personal anecdotes, Koppel takes audiences into the future, helping them to better understand how the news affects every aspect of our lives.



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