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Bernie Swain co-founded the Washington Speakers Bureau with Paula Swain and Harry Rhoads in 1980. Since that time, WSB has represented former U.S. presidents, American and world leaders, business visionaries, journalists, authors and sports legends.

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Available Fall 2016

Bernie Swain's book then captures the leadership transformations of 34 of WSB's speakers - from Doris Kearns Goodwin to Colin Powell, Terry Bradshaw to Tom Brokaw, and Tony Blair to Dave Barry.

This assembly of people defines a generation. What were their most powerful influences? Defining moments? Decisions that contributed the most to their character and accomplishments?

Bernie Swain

The answers to these questions and more are captured in this inspiring collection of true-life stories for leaders everywhere. What Made Me Who I Am is also a terrific gift book for graduates and others who are just starting out in life.

Endorsed by
Charlie RoseKatie CouricKen BurnsBarbara CorcoranDavid GergenDaniel PinkSir Ken RobinsonAmy Cuddy

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