About WSB

Our History

Founded in 1980 by Bernie Swain, Paula Swain and Harry Rhoads, Jr., Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB) revolutionized the lecture industry by setting the standard for commitment, trust and care, and has become the leading lecture agency by putting people first. Get the full story here.

Harry, Bernie and Paula
Paula Swain, Bernie Swain and Harry Rhoads

Trust is a vital component to our relationships at WSB. We've earned a reputation for integrity by standing behind our word. We are committed to delivering the very best every time.

That means providing not just service, but solutions. We work with you to meet your program objectives whether you need a world leader, business visionary, moderator, leadership expert, inspirational or motivational speaker—be it for a keynote, debate, informal luncheon or ongoing conversations addressing key issues.

Led today by Harry Rhoads, Jr. and Christine Farrell, WSB continues to revolutionize the industry. More than thirty years and over 50,000 engagements later, our search for the people whose ideas are changing the world continues.

Christine Farrell and Harry Rhoads, Jr.

Service. Solutions. Peace of Mind.

Our representatives are the most knowledgeable in the business, and work with you to determine your goals. They then find the right individual to fulfill your objectives, while meeting your budget. WSB makes it our business to know which keynote speakers are thought leaders on the issues most important to you. We put our word behind the experience you've promised your audience.

Our event managers understand your event and handle all the travel details and logistics to ensure the safe and timely arrival of your speaker. They are available to you 24/7 for any concerns you may have. Their fastidious and professional approach to event planning means you have one less thing to worry about—your speaker will be prepared, informed and ready for your event. We promise nothing less than seamless execution; because that is the standard we live by, leaving both you and your speaker with great peace of mind.

Our Values

The world's greatest leaders and experts have chosen WSB to represent them exclusively on the strength of a handshake. They have put their trust in WSB, which has set the speakers bureau standard for integrity, service and quality. With confidence in our values, our keynote speakers have joined a company that was built on our dedication to excellence. Our word is our bond—a guarantee of exceptional performance that has resulted in unwavering loyalty from those we serve—both speakers and clients.

WSB representatives and associates, like our speakers, keep a finger on the pulse of the world. Visitors to our company headquarters will discover an open air of discussion in a bustling newsroom atmosphere. Televisions are positioned throughout all five floors—tuned-in to the latest news reports and world events. Issues are important to us, as knowledge and insight are our competitive advantage. We are much more than a speakers bureau; we are an organization of ideas and thought.